About ArtistRise

Our mission is to reshape the visual arts space into a financially rewarding industry. Therefore, artists can follow their passions without sacrificing their quality of life. 

The Creation Of Artist Rise

After spending many years practicing his art, Jaroid Henry was accepted into the Kansas City Art Institute.
While attending the Art Institute, Jaroid learned that the visual arts industry had many flaws. The main problem was that the success of visual artists was never in their control. The industry is set up to keep them out, not help them thrive. Added to that, no one was teaching artists how to build successful art careers.
Jaroid left the art institute determined to make a difference – he focused on helping artists get past the gate-keepers using the power of the internet. 
Jaroid spent the next four years learning and testing new methods. This led to him eventually mastering how to sell art. He took on a few artists and began selling their artwork, and after a while – boom! His artists began earning thousands per month, then 6 figures per year. Determined to help more artists, Jaroid decided to expand.

That’s when ArtistRise was created.


The visual arts industry was never designed for artists to succeed. Think about it...
As artists, we're often told "you shouldn't worry about your income." Which leads to galleries taking 50% of sales, and keeping your finances from you. But Enough is Enough! We're here to help visual artists take control of their art career, become independent, and keep 100% of their earnings!
It's time to take your art career back and become the BOSS!

Our Core Values

Client Obsession

Here at ArtistRise, our clients always come first. It's our goal to over deliver and exceed our clients' expectations.

Results Oriented

Many programs show testimonials, but what are the numbers? We focus on getting our clients tangible results (sales). We want you to be happy and successful.

Simplicity Is Key

As artists, we understand that you don't want to handle the boring, complicated business stuff. Which is why we keep it simple. No complicated sales funnels, email campaigns, or paid advertising. 

Extreme Transparency 

At ArtistRise, we withhold no information from our clients. Whenever we find out about new ways information, our clients are the first to know. 

Long Term Thinking

Anyone can make a sale but the focus here is to build long lasting art careers that are stable, consistent, and prosperous.

All In Or Nothing

We only work with visual artists who want to become a full-time artists. We give our artists 100% of us. So, we expect that our artists give 100% to their careers.

If Enough Is Enough And You're Ready To Build A Successful Art Career While Becoming Your Own Boss... Let's Talk! 

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